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Our Keto Programs

Ready to make a change in your life?  We are ready to help you!  Working with us you can expect to learn how to change your body from being a carbohydrate dependent sugar burner to a lean mean fat burning machine.  We will share with you the proper way to live a Ketogenic lifestyle, exactly what you can expect during your initial phases and tips to make the transition to fat burner easier on you.  We have several options to choose from.  Let’s work together to find the plan that best meets your needs!

30 Minutes Consultation

There is a lot of information that can be found on the internet about the Ketogenic lifestyle but not all of it is good information.  Let us answer your questions and provide you with guidance on how to do Keto the right way.

Price $29

Personalized Macros

For those of us already interested in the Ketogenic lifestyle and have your own plan, let us provide you with your personalized macros for your body type. This is an essential tool on your road to Keto success! Based on goals and information you provide us, we will give you a comprehensive list of macros suited for you that includes your daily carb limit, protein goal, fat limit and calorie intake.

Price $10

30 Minutes Consultation & Personalized Macros

Let us help you wade through all the bad advice out there about Keto. We will answer any questions and provide you with your personalized macros for your body type.

Price $35

Just Emails

Prefer to chat via email? We are happy to help with that.

  1. 7-day meal plan 
  2. Keto Diet Education
  3. Personalized Macros
  4. Email correspondence up to 30 email exchanges a month

Price $79/mo

28 Day Challenge

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  We say it takes 28 days to make it stick.  Take our 28-day challenge and see for yourself the many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet.

  1. 15 min phone/skype call  consultation
  2. Personalized Macros
  3. 30 day meal plan 
  4. “Anytime” email support for 30  days
  5. Keto Diet Education

Price – $99 

Duration 30 days with optional additional months as necessary 

Already Living Keto

For those of us already living the Keto lifestyle but don’t feel like you are reaping all the benefits or that maybe you’ve hit a stall?  Let us review your current Keto routine and help you make proper adjustments to get your back on track and feeling great!

  1. 15 min phone/skype call  consultation
  2. Macro review and adjustment
  3. New plan of attack
  4. Email support

Price $59

One on One Coaching

  1. 45 min phone/skype call consultation
  2. Personalized Macros
  3. 30-day meal plan
  4. Weekly 15 min check-in call + “anytime” email support for 90 days
  5. Keto Diet Education Duration 90 days with optional additional months as necessary

Price – $259/mo. Auto renewed for 3 months

You cannot out train a poor diet