Success Stories

We would love to show your success story when you Keto with Us.


“This picture is so important to me because when I first tried zip lining, I was told I was not within the safe weight parameters. I was too heavy. This motivated me to change my lifestyle and the first thing I did was seek out coaches and I found HoleKeto. You two are my guides, my partners and I needed your help to achieve my goals. I finally got to zip line!! I trust you, you focused on my health needs, and you worked with me to change my lifestyle for the better. I’m coming out of my shell and finding that Karen 2.0 is awesome! I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for HoleKeto. I would’ve quit sooner, making lifestyle changes is not easy but with your help I accomplished my first goal, and looking forward to doing more. I’m feeling extraoridinary. I never want my health, and or weight to stop me from doing anything I want!! Thank you so much for everything! I can honestly say I am now living my best life.” -Karen


“Who knew I could lose weight, gain energy and sleep like a baby by just changing how my body uses energy! Thank you guys for being patient, understanding and working with me as I found what really worked for my body. You kept telling me let’s concentrate on healing your body, losing weight will be an awesome side effect. I didn’t know at the time that healing my body would bring so much more than weight loss!! It brought back my vitality, my energy and some say I look younger and skinnier!! I fit into my skinny jeans, and they are even loose. I am so grateful for you two! I feel like I can accomplish anything! Thank you so much!” -Patty


Before & After


Before & After


Before & After


Before & After